Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Everywhere in chains.

In the eighteenth century, the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau argued, without any empirical evidence, that state government arose historically through a voluntary social contract: people foresaw the benefits of state government, and they freely agreed with each other to subordinate their own individual rights to those of the state, in order to obtain the hoped-for benefits. Through the writings of Western travellers who have observed states arising de novo in various parts of the world during the past six hundred years, and through the deductions of archeologists, we now have abundant empirical evidence that Rousseau was completely wrong. No people has ever freely organized itself into a state in the absence of external pressure, and people have always been understandably reluctant to cede power over themselves to some other entity.

Instead, anthropologists, historians, and archeologists tell us that state governments have arisen independently under one of two sets of circumstances. Sometimes pressure from an encroaching state has placed a people under such duress that it ceded individual rights to a government of its own that would be capable of offering effective resistance. For instance, about two centuries ago, the formerly separate Cherokee chiefdoms gradually formed a unified Cherokee government in a desperate attempt to resist pressure from whites. More frequently, chronic competition among warring non-state entities has ended when one gained a military advantage over the others by developing proto-state institutions: one example is the formation of the Zulu state by a particularly talented chief named Dingiswayo, in the early nineteenth century, out of an assortment of chiefdoms fighting each other.
Jared Diamond, "Vengeance is Ours," The New Yorker 84-85 (April 21, 2008).

The Clash sang it best,

"when they kick in your front door, how you gonna come, with your hands on yer head or on the trigger of yer gun?"

For me, the minute the man (or woman, hi Hillary!)trips my property line she gets a 9MM salute!

Our founders really shoulda flipflopped the
1st and 2nd Amendmnets.
The arms in question in that article are bows, arrows, and spears.
If the Man comes to my door armed with bows, arrows and spears, I can skip using the semi-automatic assault rifle and just stick with the good old 9MM. Cuts down on wasted ammo.
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