Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Today show and its viewers.

Caitlin Flanagan:
The Today show creates a bond with its overwhelmingly female viewers because so many of them watch it, as I did, during one of the most psychologically complex and lonely—and most emotionally fulfilling—times of their lives: their tenure as mothers to small children. Indeed, one reason the show is so successful and profitable is that long ago its producers realized that American households follow a rhythm: early in the morning, there is a great bustling of activity as the working members of families propel themselves out of the cocoon and into the cold world of commerce and adult preoccupation, and then there is a quiet settling down, once the cars have backed out of the driveways and the neighborhoods have been drained of their breadwinners. This is a delicate moment for any mother who spends her days home with children: on the one hand, the number of household residents who feel they own a piece of her has just diminished; on the other hand, she’s been left behind with the babies and the pets.

It is into this emotional void that the Today show’s second hour comes to the rescue, trumpets blaring: out go the first hour’s reports on war and politics and economic trends, and in come pieces on family and shopping and decorating. “The men are gone,” the show seems to tell us. “Now we can talk about the things we love”: the exact way to sneak vegetables into the diet of a finicky toddler, the trick to putting aside a little money for a family treat, the essential components of a first-aid kit for the car—all the minutiae of running a household, presented without irony or scorn by hugely compensated media celebrities. It is the loneliness of at-home motherhood—the loneliness for other adults, for the adult way of life, for the work clothes and schedules and employment itself—that makes the hosts of the Today show crucial. When you turn on the program, there they are: your friends. You half-listen to them, the way you half-listen to your children playing on the floor in the next room, and together the two worlds make up the whole of your enterprise: theory and practice. The host discusses shoes that are supposed to help toddlers walk more steadily, and you turn to your own baby and wonder if you ought to buy him a pair. The Today show pours into the house through the kitchen-counter television or the bedroom television (because the main TV, the big one, is tuned to Arthur or Clifford the Big Red Dog, and you’re half-watching those shows as well), and it is different from other shows. When it is on, the television screen is no longer a barrier separating real life from TV land; the television screen is a window into another room of the house, the one where the grown-ups are.

The Today Show and most of daytime TV represents the worst of the left wing media's dumbing down of our national discourse.

To whit, I was shocked and nauseated not too long ago to see Emmy-winning talk-show host Ellen DeGenerous comment positively on Junior Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's Democrat presidential nomination bid. When pressed by reporters later regaridng her complementary assessment of Mrs. Clinton, DeGenerous admitted that she knew nothing about politics...

Honestly, I think there should be a movement started: "State, for the record, Hillary's Accomplishments!"

She claims to be the one true candidate who knows how to get things done; change; the country's smartest woman,......if that's true, then she should already have a huge list of super-major accomplishments. Why then does she just resort to blowhardishly empty rhetoric in her campaign speeches, then? Why the fake croc tears.... Why not list all those huge major accomplishments? That alone would prove her point and silence the haters.

Sadly, as the sheeple fail to realize with their heads in the proverbial sand, but which the intelligent minority amongst us all know the truth:

Hillary has no accomplishments.

She can only talk about falsely contrived competency in her illusory role as a public servant cum wife to a politician and falsely transmogrify that into a baseless achievement. Bottom line, she has no record of anything except beating a second tier goofus from Long Island for a Junior Senate seat based on sympathy for her status as a cuckholded wife.

Hillary's candidacy is a sick fairy tale.........

Like the Today Show ditching Katie Couric, America can only improve itself by tossing this hillbilly carpetbagger over the side........Change indeed.
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