Saturday, February 02, 2008

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Sarah Boxer considers books considering blogs for The New York Review of Books.
Many bloggers really don't write much at all. They are more like impresarios, curators, or editors, picking and choosing things they find on line, occasionally slapping on a funny headline or adding a snarky (read: snotty and catty) comment. Some days, the only original writing you see on a blog is the equivalent of "Read this.... Take a look.... But, seriously, this is lame.... Can you believe this?"

Back in the day, blogs really were just what Boxer describes: Collections of links to other pages which were of interest to the blogger. Blogs rarely provided original content. By contrast on-line journals or diaries provided primarily-original content, although usually strictly about the person life of the journaller.

Usually if I find a site worth linking to in my journal, then I also have something to say about it. Although sometimes it speaks for itself and I just want to promulgate the content.

But for the most part I prefer to generate my own content, because to me the Web is all about the content.
I tend to be the opposite lately. When I started, I did more writing, but now I enjoy aggregated diverse content that I stumble into. In part, this is because I maintain anonymity, and don't draw on my lively and fascinating personal life.
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