Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Clinton and Obama.

This piece by E.J. Dionne gets at their key differences, and why I favor Obama.

hhmmmm, another difference can be seen in the fact that Hillary has confirmed loaning her campaign $5MM last month.

I wonder where this self-proclaimed champion of the downtrodden, desperately committed public servant found that kind of dough after 35 years of selfless public service......maybe "pure commitment" to self-enrichment followed by "pure commitment" to a self-aggrandizing pursuit of power and raiding the public coffers....or maybe this is money that Bill Clinton has taken in from speaking fees (i.e. gifts/down payments on illegal influence) from foreign countries and corporations, which is money that is not supposed to come into US political campaigns.......

Otoh, this is great news! Maybe she'll use her own money to fund her Universal Health Care plan as well.

Face it, Obama cleaned her clock and would've defeated her even more in CA if it were not for early voting. Obama has shown he is the new face of integrity and hope for our generation and our Nation. The rightful heir to the Kennedy throne, only not so drunken and bloated.

Billary will have to look elsewhere to redefine their stained legacy of illicit sex, lies, high crimes and impeachment.
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