Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Someone buy him a clue.

John Yoo, responding to the suit against him, in today's Philadelphia Inquirer (via Jonathan Adler):

Walk down Broad Street and you pass by a brown mansion, squeezed in between a music store and a Banana Republic. With its statues of proud soldiers in front, the Union League stands as a symbol of the sacrifices necessary to win the Civil War.

After being sued by convicted terrorist Jose Padilla, I wonder whether our nation today has the same unity and tenacity to defeat the great security challenge of our day, the rise of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism. Even as our brave young soldiers fight in Afghanistan and Iraq, and our intelligence agents succeed in disrupting follow-ups to the 9/11 attacks, terrorists are using our own legal system as a weapon against us.

John Yoo ought to be ashamed of himself for comparing the sacrifices made by Union soldiers to the suit brought against him, a suit which seeks damages of $1. Plainly, the man lacks perspective or shame.

Some of the more than 50,000 casualties at Gettysburg.

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