Monday, June 04, 2007

At ten pages a night, Against the Day is a long book.

Jessica Francis Kane finds parenting and reading don't mix:
Last night I fell asleep reading. By my calculation, this has happened approximately 1,000 times since my daughter was born. She’s four years old, so I get the thousand nights by subtracting from her total days all the holidays, sick days, and visits with family and friends when I would have been too busy to read. Then I estimated the number of nights I’ve been too tired to even try and subtracted that. What is left, I believe, is about 1,000 nights I’ve tucked her in, reheated some morning coffee, and settled down with a book. With few exceptions, I almost always fall asleep before I’ve read a satisfying amount.

What is a satisfying amount? Let’s say 10 pages. I’m not trying to set any records.
Two nights ago, I managed 17 pages of Roberto Bolano's By Night in Chile. Last night: not so much.

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