Wednesday, June 06, 2007

At least justice is blind.

Alan Simpson then:
"There is only one question here," says the former senator. "Did he raise his right hand and lie about it and then lie again? Lying under oath -- that to me is all there is. Did this man, whether he is head of the hardware store or the president or applying for a game and fishing license, raise his hand and say, 'This is the truth'?"
Alan Simpson now:
Scooter is not some hard-hearted partisan who delights in subterfuge, or "cover-up" or mendacity. He is a splendid human being.

I shall always remain puzzled how the situation ever "came to this." Some are of the opinion that he has 'fallen upon his sword" and yet, it is my perception that the sword has fallen on him.

When I think of what had happened to him --- words fail me (and who of my friends would believe that one?!) because all of this is so totally inconsistent with the basic attributes and the reputation of the man I know... From my knowledge of him, I say without equivocation or hesitation whatsoever that he is a very good man.
Digby has more.

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