Sunday, February 18, 2007

The New Yorker in haiku.

Madison Guy found Drunken Volcano, a blog summarizing New Yorker articles in haiku:

Our Local Correspondents: Mink Inc.
By Lauran Collins

Rosenfeld's fur coats
Are fitting wear for either
Rap star or matron.

Life and Letters: Rewriting Nature
By Adam Gopnik

Darwin, happy to
Let the facts speak for themselves,
Deftly arranged them.

Notes of a Gastronome: TV Dinners
By Bill Buford

Food Network wants food
That's pretty, quick, comforting;
Same goes for its hosts.

Casual: Pinchuck's Law
By Woody Allen

Hiding in our midst:
Accidental murderers,
Who just want to talk.

Personal History: A Return
Ben Bradlee

Men who were once boys
Fighting in the Pacific
Go back, remember.

Terrific blogging,
but none new since October
and that is a shame.

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