Friday, February 23, 2007

Department of Peace.

Read this and wonder: How does Dennis Kucinich get elected to Congress?

On days like today I'm almost ready -- but not quite -- to settle for Kucinich's New Age psychobabble: I want to scream -- or is it that I'm hearing a scream echoing back to us from the future? The latest Seymour Hersh story in the New Yorker has more to do with the world of Thomas Pynchon than with the world of cover kid Eustace Tilley. "A screaming comes across the sky." Is Bush trying to bluff and threaten the Iranians into submission? Maybe. Who knows? But as we saw in the buildup to the Iraq war, the threat of force by these guys has a way of turning into the use of force. We're rapidly approaching an apocalyptic future that has a screaming written all across the sky -- unless there's a real screaming right here, at home, on the ground.
You've touched on something that I keep meaning to post about. It would be good if we could use the threat of force to get the Iranians to compromise on their nuke-building. After Iraq, though, it's hard to have any faith in Bush's sabre-rattling.
For more from Hersh, see this.
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