Friday, November 10, 2006

Norwegian Wood.

I haven't read my copy of Blind Woman, Sleeping Willow, the new collection of Haruki Murakami stories, but John Holbo and Joseph Kugelmass have been reading Norwegian Wood, and they have all sorts of interesting things to say about it. Holbo thinks its a "damn fine novel," but he doesn't like the first lines. Kugelmass has some thoughts about the way characters talk to each other, and about Murakami's use of magic. Gauden Galea posts about it, too, and he also cataloged the music mentioned in the book. (I thought I'd blogged about the book, too, but Blogger's search function says "no." Maybe it's time to read it again.)

Well, that's very kind. Maybe I'll try to post something on Kafka on the Shore, but meanwhile, what are your thoughts on Murakami?
I've read all the Murakami translated into English, with the exception of the most recent collection of short stories, but even when it is fresh in my mind I have great difficult discussing what he does. I appreciate good literary criticism perhaps because I find it so hard to write myself.
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