Thursday, November 09, 2006

He is not your role model.

Dan Shaughnessy quotes Paul Shirley, a NBA player with the Phoenix Suns last year, writing in Esquire:
The Phoenix Suns have a charity auction every year. The year I played for the team, one of the prizes was the chance to accompany the team on a road trip. The winner, a middle-aged man, rode on our charter plane and took part in most of the activities along the way . . . This guy's dress and appearance screamed "successful-businessman type." He probably made hundreds of important decisions in his life, met thousands of people, and made a fair amount of money along the way. But it was obvious that all of this was pushed to the back of his mind when he got to meet Amare Stoudemire. Again, I understand the idolization of athletes. But I think idolatry should stop at a certain age. And that age is not 60. This fellow did not agree with me. When he was introduced to Stoudemire, his eyes lit up as if his wife had just given birth to their firstborn. He peppered Amare with questions. He got his picture taken with him. Generally, he acted like an 8-year-old . . . If I wanted to be an ass, I would ask if it really makes sense for a middle-aged man to be awed by a younger man who happens to be really good at putting a ball through a hole suspended 10 feet above the ground.

I'm not saying I disagree, but that dude will feel like an ass if/when he reads this interview.
God, I hope so.
My sister promoted Baseball in America for the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston last year. At some point there was a party with as many living Hall of Famers as would agree to show up (mainly players with local connections like Nolan Ryan and Yogi Berra plus some futures like Roger Clemons and Craig Biggio). My sister said that watching these very successful, very wealthy major donors clamor to be in the same room with the baseball players was very odd to watch.
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