Thursday, November 09, 2006

Guide dogs needed for the blind.

Michael Ledeen can't let Donald Rumsfeld slink out the door without a little more hagiography:
He's one of those people who does a lot of good things you never hear about, because he doesn't talk about them and he doesn't want his people to talk about them. One example: there's a Pentagon program to train dogs to assist blinded and crippled soldiers. It takes about two years to properly train the dogs, and the cost is forty thousand dollars each. One of the dogs was brought in to Rumsfeld's office for a visit, and when it was over, he took out his check book and covered the full cost of one of them.
The man was the Secretary of Defense for the last six years. If the military needs any money to train dogs to assist blinded and crippled soldiers, it is his fault.

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