Friday, October 27, 2006

Deficient, in so far as reasonableness is concerned.

I go over to Marty Peretz's blog every so often on the theory that if he doesn't get his page hits he'll inflict his writing on The Plank instead of helpfully segregating it. But I can't stomach it for long. In the second paragraph of the lead item there now, he explains that Edward Said's star is dimming because the Orientalists were right:
[T]he Palestinian people . . . have not shown that they are yet capable of political reason . . . [and] are, in so far as reasonableness is concerned, as deficient as those who studied them as Arabs thought them to be.

Marty Peretz is definitely my favorite racist!
Couldn't you say the same of Kansans?
An alien who learned about Earth through Peretz's writings would be unlikely to discover that Kansas exists. But don't you think Peretz would rather talk about what is the matter with Kansas Democrats than what is the matter with Kansas?
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