Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Chez Panisse for Kids" -- not as popular as McD's, it turns out.

Reviewing Eric Schlosser's Chew On This, Jeremy Grant says:
[Schlosser] could have expanded his discussion of nutritional education efforts by Alice Waters, the California-based chef who had pioneered a school lunch programme called the "Edible Schoolyard", where students grow and eat their own vegetables.
I think Alice Waters is great, and Chez Pannisse is a landmark. I would eat there every day if I could. But my understanding is that problem with Alice Waters' efforts at Berkeley High School is that the kids would not eat her food. Without absolving the fast food industry, at least part of the problem that Eric Schlosser is writing about has to do with people's appetites.

But maybe that appetite is psychological and enculturated. I can imagine old fashioned food seeming weird or carrying hippie connotations or just looking less cool because Britney is marketing something else. Kids are conservative and conformist.
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