Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Beans on toast?

An update from the world of business innovation:

Whether Bill Johnson, Heinz chief executive, is about to enter the innovation hall of fame is not quite so clear. At least he is trying. As he told this paper last week, he believes his company needs to give people "new ways to use beans." Heinz has developed a ready-made version of beans on toast, along the lines of Kellogg's jam-filled Pop Tarts. "If people take the time to cook beans and put it on toast, why shouldn't we cut the process for them and give them beans on toast?" Mr Johnson asks. The market should give him an answer soon enough.
Stefan Stern, "In need of a buzz, managers search for 'the next coffee,'" Financial Times 8 (May 23, 2006).

Who takes the time to cook beans and put it (them) on toast?

I think this is a British thing. I was once in an airport in Glasgow and one of the breakfast offerings was beans on toast.
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