Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pinot Evil.

Zinquisition tastes a cheap new French pinot noir:

[I]t's pretty damned one dimensional. There is the very-slightest-note-you-may-ever-detect of bandaids and phenol which evolves when the glass has been standing after emptied, but I think most everyone would miss it . . . .

The Wine Cask Blog doesn't like it either:

[I]n the mouth this wine is–and I am not exaggerating–chokingly dry. At the rear of my palate I thought someone had just slit my throat and placed a rosin bag there.

The wine is shallow all the way around with not to much commend it.

So you're paying your $4 or $5 for the label.

Well, if there were nothing horrible about the wine to overlook, the label wouldn't be half so clever.
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