Monday, February 28, 2005

The ties that bind.

Brad DeLong says we ought to be worrying more about creating deep ties with India and China, but that out diplomats and foreign-policy gurus do not have this concern on their radar screen.


Also taking a long view, Steve Clemons posts about Chinese efforts to create Sino-centric regional organizations.

I wouldn't put too much stock into forming ties with China. That is a state that is on the verge of imploding.

We sometimes forget this is STILL a communist country. Ruled by a few. As their economic boom continues, the people's desire to be truly "free" will be upon them again. Lest we forget Tiennenam's Square (not sure I spelled that correctly)

Aside from that, you still have the US, most of Europe, the World Bank and other Asian countries asking China to "Float" their currency. They won't, as it guarantees they'll always be the "lowest cost supplier" in the world.

Then, aside from that, let's talk about Taiwan. Remember how the Chinese put a couple of Nuclear Submarines in Hong Kong Harbour not too long ago?

Our relationship with China is on rocky road. Until they are a "free and democratic" society, we are wasting time trying to "be friends..."

Focus on India instead....
The idea is to do things to improve deeper ties between the peoples, so that we will be in a better place in several decades, no matter what may be wrong with their government. Surely this is harder with a communist government, but not impossible. E.g., trade benefits both sides.
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