Friday, February 25, 2005

Robert Parker on Charlie Rose.

A transcript is on Parker's site.

Richard Tedlow might have predicted this:

I think I wrote an article or I wrote an editorial in one of my books really 15 years ago, in one of my wine buyers' guide,talking about the dark side of wine, the growing threat of global, youknow, globalized wine world and the standardization of wine styles. That was 15 years ago. Actually, I think it was much more acute, thedangers were much more acute 15 years ago than they are today. I mean, we're seeing a proliferation of diverse wine styles, of young men and women taking vineyards that have been forgotten, whether it's in the south, you know, southern Italy, or whether it`s in the back borders of Spain, whether it's southern France, and developing these vineyards and turning out really diverse and different wines.

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