Thursday, February 24, 2005

My question about the talking ape is,

if this case goes to trial, does Koko get to take the stand? Does the lawyer doing a hostile cross-examination of Koko risk getting his arm torn from their sockets, or is he just not that kind of ape?

Bonus coverage:

How To Teach an Ape To Talk,* in Slate

* The other letters are capitalized but the "a" is not. Is this correct? Maybe not, but it is accurate.

Should I be disturbed that the Larry Summers and Koko stories are related?.

Generally, the "an" wouldn't be capped, even in a headline.
Koko is a female. I would guess she'd be kept off the stand- too risky that she might demand to see the judge or jury's nipples.
oh that was from Hank C.
Oops -- I didn't mean to relate Koko and Larry Summers. Koko is much less like to offend people. She lets her minions do that.

Thanks for the correction, Hank. Flinty pointed that out, too.
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